MDC Stirrups

In the past 20 years, stirrups have evolved in directions no one could have imagined. With so many choices, it is understandable that you may have questions before making your stirrup purchase. MDC Stirrups are innovative patented products for the modern rider. MDC has old-fashioned ideas like customer service, one on one communication with our customers, and that our customers have all the information they need to make their purchase before they pay for the product. MDC guarantees that anyone who does not LOVE our stirrups gets their money back.

The times of talking to uninformed ‘order takers’ are not acceptable at MDC. You can speak directly with the inventor, Martin D. Cohen, by telephone or email to discuss your stirrup needs or any questions you may have about MDC Stirrups or stirrups in general.

Here are some things MDC can do for you:

● Personal stirrup consultation

● Discussion of performance, pain reduction, and safety characteristics

● A personal discussion of your correct stirrup size

● MDC will send any of our nine models for your Free Trial Ride; you may return any or all of your trial ride selections. We just ask that your returned stirrups come back clean and with all the packaging. You are only responsible for shipping to and from MDC.

● MDC ships by the United States Postal Service Worldwide



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